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As I sat through my first real estate class in 1983, I had a nagging in the back of my head: there had to be something more, something was missing. As the class went further I realized what it was. Who was helping the buyer? People needed a home buying agent in Florida.

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Are You Being Represented?

I understood all the rules and all the laws, but they seemed slanted toward the seller. After getting my broker's license in 1986, I decided to pursue my thought and see if and how I could help the buyer. I became one of the first Florida Buyer Brokers in Marion County.

I became a Florida State Certified Residential Appraiser RD387, what I considered the first step. I then contacted an attorney and had him draw up an agreement meant only for the buyer ... a person looking to buy a home.

Fast forward to today. The State of Florida has become a "transactional state," which in a nutshell means that an agent doesn't actually represent either side; YOU, the buyer, must ask someone to be your single Buyer's Agent in Florida and represent your specific needs (act in your behalf).

Our office does not take residential listings. We can, however, offer ALL MLS listings and any FOR SALE BY OWNER listings.

I have found this to be a perfect fit... the Appraiser and the Buyer Broker, so let us help you find your perfect fit.


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Buyer Broker's represent YOU!

I will provide information, real estate advice and my many years in Florida real estate, both as a Buyer Broker and as a Real Estate Appraiser.


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